INDICIAL NOTATION. Consider, for example, the system of linear algebraic equations .. (1. A1121 + A1222 + A1363 = bi, 1. A21 21 + A2222 + A2323 = 62,. b) Determine the indicial equation, the recurrence relation, and the roots of the indicial equation; c) Find the series solution (x > 0) corresponding to the larger  Author keywords: Bridge; Indicial function; Flutter; Time domain; Aerodynamics. Introduction. Flutter stability of elongated bridges can be evaluated either in a. 打开主菜单. 首页 · 随机 · 登录 · 设置 · 关于维基词典 · 免责声明 · 维基词典. 搜索. indicial. 其他语言 · 监视本页 · 编辑. 英语. indicial. 指数. Définition de indicial – TLFi. * Dans l'article « INDICE,, subst. masc. » INDICE, subst. masc. I. − Signe qui révèle l'existence d'une chose. Faible, léger indice 

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31 Aug 2018 The equation ax=y a x = y is an example of a general exponent equation (indicial equation) and 2x=32 2 x = 32 is an example of a more  In MuPAD Notebook only, ode::indicialEquation(Ly, y(x), p, u) returns the indicial equation in the variable u of Ly at the place p. Computation of Unsteady Transonic Flows by the Indicial Method. W. F. Ballhaus and; P. M. Goorjian. W. F. Ballhaus. NASA Ames Research Center and  Subsonic unsteady aerodynamics caused by gusts using the indicial method. J. Gordon Leishman. J. Gordon Leishman. University of Maryland, College Park, 

Index notation, also commonly known as subscript notation or tensor notation, is an extremely useful tool for performing vector algebra. Consider the coordinate.

of, relating to, or resembling an indication; indicative: behavior indicial of a personality disorder. of, relating to, or resembling an index or an index finger. 1 : of, relating to, or having the nature of an indication : indicative a remark indicial of their pride. 2 [Latin indic-, index index finger, index + English -ial]. The success of the series substitution method depends on the roots of the indicial equation and the degree of singularity of the coefficients in the differential  29 Oct 2017 y″+3x(x−1)y′−2x(x−1)y=0 then p(x)=3x(x−1) and q(x)=−2x(x−1). The equation has two regular singular points x=0 and x=1. For x=0 we see